Roads located within the Township of Norwich are under the care of either the Township of Norwich or the County of Oxford. The Township of Norwich is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all roads under their jurisdiction.

Some roads located within the Township of Norwich are the responsibility of the County of Oxford. Please see the County and Township Roads map to determine ownership of roads. 

For concerns regarding County roads, please contact the County of Oxford Public Works Department at (519) 539-9800.


Farm Implements on Roadways
Farm implements driven on the roads are subject to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA). Please see the Ontario Federation of Agriculure website for infomation  regarding requirements for farm vehicles (tractors, combines, towed implements) driven on a highway. “Highway” refers to all public roads.

After Hours Answering Service

Township of Norwich After-Hours phone number is 519-533-0089.

Anyone calling the Township Offices or Arena after hours will be provided the number in the outgoing message.

Weight Load Restrictions

All township roads are restricted to loads of five tonnes per axle from March 1 to April 30 every year.

Wondering which roads have load restrictions? Have a look at our updated map.

Oxford County Roads - Reduced Load Limit Map

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County & Township Roads Map


County & Township roads
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