Fire & Protective Services

Fire Chief's Greeting

Welcome to the Township of Norwich Fire Service. The Norwich Fire Service proudly protects the lives, property, and environment for people living, visiting and travelling through the Township of Norwich.

Norwich Fire Services is a volunteer fire department directed by a full-time Fire Chief, and relies on 72 dedicated, enthusiastic and professionally trained volunteer firefighters dispersed among four stations strategically located across the Township. 

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Norwich Fire Service is to provide fire protection services through a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature; first to the Corporation, second, to those municipalities requiring assistance through an authorized mutual fire aid plan and program; and third, to those municipalities which are provided fire protection by the Fire Department via authorized agreement.

Controlled Burning– Permit Required

A Township of Norwich Fire Permit authorizes a person to ignite and supervise a controlled fire. The owner of the permit will be fully responsible to ensure the strict conditions outlined on the permit are followed explicitly.

  • Easily Accessible – From our website, by telephone/fax or in person at the municipal office.
  • Cost Effective – Free to residents and no direct cost to taxpayers.

Burn Permit Application Form

  • Timely Process – Applications are submitted to the Township Office to be reviewed by the Fire Chief (or designate). If approved, it is signed by the Fire Chief (or designate) and a copy is returned to the owner as a valid Fire Permit
  • No Expiration – It is valid for as long as the resident owns the property.
  • Agricultural Only – No permits will be issued in villages or settlements.
  • Structures or Barns – Any burn pile larger than 9 metres square may be issued by the fire chief or his designate following an on-site inspection.

Permit may be revoked at any time by the fire chief. Failure to follow the conditions of the fire permit will result in fines under municipal or provincial law as determined by the fire chief.

Recreational Fires – No Permit Required

Recreational fires or back yard fires do not require a permit; however the specific conditions for recreational burning must be followed in accordance with Schedule ‘B’ of By-Law No. 39-2005

The fire chief shall be notified of any response to a recreational fire where the By-law is not being adhered to and penalties may apply.

Fire inspections can be requested at any time from the Township of Norwich Fire Chief. Fire inspections that are required for licensing, property sale or for other financial reasons are subject to a fee as set out in the Township of Norwich User Fee By-law # 10-2021.  Inspections that are a result of a fire safety complaint are not subject to a fee.

Please note: Fire inspections on public buildings such as schools and churches are not conducted on a routine basis. Inspections are carried out on request by the institution only. 

For more information on Fire Inspections, the Office of the Fire Marshal has published Technical Guideline TG-01-2012 Fire Safety Inspection and Enforcement Guide.

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Note: Fire Stations are not staffed. Contact the Director of Fire & Protective Services for non-emergent inquiries.

For emergency service, call 911.

You will need to provide which service you're looking for ( Example police, fire and / or ambulance) you will also need the civic address and street / road name.