With the assistance of cemetery caretakers, The Corporation of the Township of Norwich administers and promotes the professional operations o f municipal cemeteries f or the purpose of dignified burial s and cremations. 

The Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations requires that the Township of Norwich complies with the Ontario Cemetery Act as well as consumer protection under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Service Act. The role of the ministry is to protect you, as a Consumer. This includes making sure cemeteries are well-­kept for your loved ones now and in the distant future.  


Pursuant to the Ontario Cemetery Act and the new upcoming Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, when you make arrangements for burial in a Municipal Cemetery you are not purchasing land in the Cemetery.  Instead, you are purchasing the “right to use the lot for burials”.  These rights are called Interment Rights and you will receive a legal document called a “Certificate of Interment Rights” after purchase.

Please note that the full cost of your interment rights must be paid for before:

  • a burial can take place in the grave;
  • you will receive a “Certificate of Interment Rights”;
  • a monument or marker can be put on the lot.

The Township of Norwich is responsible for the appearance and maintenance of it’s Municipal Cemeteries.  A Cemetery Bylaw is in place to assist the Township in meeting it’s responsibilities.  When you sign the interment right contract at purchase, you are agreeing to follow the rules and regulations set out in the Bylaw. 


The cemetery requires the Burial Permit issued by the Division Registrar show the death has been registered and for cremated remains the cemetery requires the Cremation Certificate

In a standard plot (1O' x 4'):

-­One full burial per standard adult grave

-­Two remains in a cremation plot

-­Up to four remains in a standard adult grave

-­Up to three remains in a standard adult grave where there has or will be a full body burial

A vault is not mandatory but is recommended.

The Municipal Office requires at least eight business hours’ notice prior to interment.

Interments are Mondays-­Fridays - No Later than 4pm. Interments on Saturday, Sunday and Stat Holidays are subject to an extra surcharge set out in the Tariff of Rates

The remains of lower animals are not allowed

For more information on the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 (FBSCA) contact the Bereavement Authority of Ontario www.thebao.ca

Township of Norwich Decoration Days:

Norwich Village Cemetery - 2nd Sunday in August

Norwich Gore Cemetery - Last Sunday in August

New Durham Cemetery - 1st Sunday in September

Burgessville Baptist Cemetery - 2nd Sunday in September

Quaker St - 2nd Sunday in August

Rosanna Cemetery - 3rd Sunday in August

Springford Cemetery - 3rd Sunday in August

East Oxford Pioneer/Anglican - 3rd Sunday in June

Milldale Cemetery - N/A

Otterville Cemetery - 3rd Sunday August


* These contacts are for plot/burial inquiries only. For maintenance on Township-owned Cemeteries please contact the community centre

Rosanna Cemetery
Brad Hicks (519) 842-5618

Milldale Burial Ground
Deb Longthorne (519) 879-6921

East Oxford Pioneer Cemetery
Robert Hird (519) 537-3002

Otterville Cemetery
Larry Hussey (519) 879-6365

Springford Cemetery
Brad Hicks (519) 842-5618

Norwich Cemetery
Paul Wood (519) 863-­3725

New Durham Cemetery
Dave Orth (519)­ 532-8196

Gore Cemetery Co.
Ferry LaGro (519) ­863-2682


Burgessville Baptist Cemetery
Annette Hughes (519)­ 424-9856

bookton Cemetery

Charles Addsion (519) 446-1838




Interment refers to the opening, preparation and closing of a grave at the time of burial.

*There is a surcharge for burials outside of the normal hours of operation, and for burials on Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory holidays as specified under the Tariff of Rates.*