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Public Call for Board Director Applications - ERTH Corporation

April 15, 2021
Public Call for Board Director Applications
ERTH Corporation
The Township of Norwich is seeking a representative for the Board of Directors of ERTH Corpo-ration (ERTH), a holding company jointly owned by nine Ontario municipalities.   ERTH oversees a diverse group of companies employing over 120 employees operating from offices and opera-tion centres in Ingersoll, Aylmer, Goderich and Thorndale with an asset base of approximately $80 million, and customers throughout Ontario, the United States, Caribbean and Australia.
ERTH is responsible for the oversight of ERTH Power Corporation (ERTH Power), a local electricity distribution company regulated by the Ontario Energy Board and located in Ingersoll, Ontario.  ERTH Power services approximately 25,000 customers in 15 communities in south-western Ontario (including Aylmer, Port Stanley, Belmont, Ingersoll, Thamesford, Otterville, Norwich, Burgessville, Beachville, Embro, Tavistock, Clinton, Mitchell, Dublin, and Goderich.)
ERTH is also responsible for the oversight of two competitive entities, ERTH (Holdings) Inc. (ERTH Holdings) and ERTH Business Technologies Inc. (EBT).  ERTH Holdings is a union-ized entity located in Ingersoll, Ontario that provides utility construction, metering, traffic and street lighting, high-voltage electricity contracting, work estimating and job planning software, and electricity, water and sewer billing and back-office support for utilities, municipalities and the private sector throughout North America.  EBT is a non-unionized entity located in Toronto, Ontario that provides electronic business transaction and retail billing services to electricity utili-ties and retailers throughout North America. 
The Board of ERTH is comprised of nine (9) directors, each selected and appointed by a munic-ipal shareholder of ERTH.  Commencing in 2019, all newly-appointed Directors will serve a six (6) year term (consisting of two subsequent 3-year terms if approved by the appointing share-holders) with one potential 3-year extension term. These roles are part-time, and based in Inger-soll, Ontario.  Meetings of the ERTH Board of Directors and its Committees are typically held bi-monthly and scheduled a year in advance.  Board members can expect to participate in an average of six Board and four Committee meetings per year.  Member of the ERTH Board are compensated in a manner consistent with similar corporate entities.
The ERTH Board is skills-based.  All candidates for appointment to the ERTH Board must meet certain requirements, including demonstrated integrity and high ethical standards; relevant career experience and expertise; and an understanding of the role of the ERTH and its affiliates both as a service to local ratepayers and an asset of taxpayers.  In addition, the nomination and selection process is designed to ensure the ERTH Board includes and maintains key overarching competencies.  At this time, the Township of Norwich and ERTH are seeking candidates with substantive experience in the following areas: 

• Finance, Accounting and Audit
• Information Technology

Other experience and skills preferred include:

• Utility Sector Experience
• Legal and Regulatory
• Engineering and Electrical Design
• Customer Service and Social Marketing
• Human Resources and Performance Management
• Corporate Governance
• Strategic and Asset Planning
• Health and Safety
• Entrepreneurship
• Public Policy and Government Relations

Applicants are invited to apply, in confidence, by submitting a cover letter and resume to the undersigned, clearly indicating all relevant qualifications by May 10, 2021.  All are welcome to apply, however preference will be given to residents of Norwich Township.
A Position Description can be found on the Township website at
For more information on ERTH and this Board position, please visit 

Kyle Kruger
Township of Norwich
285767 Airport Rd, Norwich, ON
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