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Proper Use of the 911 System

January 06, 2020

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Oxford County detachments primary focus is public safety and we want to reinforce to the public the importance of the proper use of the 911 system.

When people need emergency assistance, dialling 911 gets immediate help under normal circumstances. Oxford County OPP responded to numerous calls for service dealing with 911 hang up calls this past weekend alone.

On average, it takes at least two officers approximately thirty minutes to respond, investigate and clear the call. This puts enormous pressure on OPP resources when officers respond to unnecessary calls that can be prevented.

The use of 911 for emergency response continues to save lives when used appropriately and the OPP want those who need urgent help to use 911. The OPP also encourages families to discuss proper use of 911 to prevent hang ups and misdials from occurring.

What you can do to prevent misdials:

  • Make sure you know the number you are dialling
  • Lock your cell phone number pad
  • Teach your children the proper use of 911
  • Deactivated phones still have the ability to call 911, please remove the battery

If you place an unintentional 911 call, stay on the line. Every call is taken seriously. When a 911 caller doesn't respond, that could be a sign of trouble. This is a possibility an emergency responder can't ignore. Users are urged to let the emergency operator know it was a pocket dial/unintentional call. This will eliminate the need for the emergency operator to call back to determine if there is a legitimate emergency, saving precious seconds and allowing them to move on to the next emergency call.

Let's all do our part in keeping our community safe.