Open Air Burning - New Policy

The Township has implemented a new policy regarding the enforcement of Open Air Burning. Effective May 1, 2019 the Township of Norwich Fire Service will adopt a zero tolerance approach to violations of conditions listed on Burn Permits and/or open air burning conducted in contravention to By-law 39-2005, being a By-law to regulate and control for the setting of fires, prevention of fires, and the removal of fire hazards in the Township.

Effective May 1, 2019 any violation of the By-law 39-2005 will result in being invoiced for fees in accordance with the Township Fees By-law.

Property owners are reminded to ensure that all open air fires, including recreational fires (campfires) are conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined under the by-law. The By-law can be viewed on the Township website or obtained from the municipal office by emailing

The Township will be sending all current Burn Permit holders a new Burn Permit to replace their existing Permit. The new Permit outlines the requirements for conducting fires under a Burn Permit, activation of the Permit, when a Permit will be revoked and the need to comply with all Federal and/or Provincial legislation when burning. Further, the Permit outlines requirements for materials that can be burned, supervision of fires, permitted hours of burning, time of day burns can be conducted, smoke control and distances from occupied and non-occupied buildings.

Permit holders are encouraged to review the requirements for conducting an open air burn under a Permit before lighting a fire and activating the Permit. For further information, please refer to the Open Air Burning Brochure.