Tender - Hartley - Cornwell Municipal Drain 2019

Hartley-Cornwell Municipal Drain 2019
Township of Norwich

Instructions to Tenderers & Tender Documents

Sealed Tenders shall be received by the Clerk of the Township of Norwich at his office (285767 Airport Road, Norwich, Ontario) until: Monday May 6, 2019 at 4:00 P.M., Local Time.

1. A Certified cheque is required as Tender security in the amount of $50,000.

2. Further information and particulars are available at the office of the Engineers:

     Dietrich Engineering Limited
     Consulting Engineers
     10 Alpine Court
     Kitchener, Ontario N2E 2M7
     (519) 880-2708

3. The Contractor shall return a completed copy of the Scope of Work along with thecompleted Form of Tender and Agreement to the Township. For complete Scope of Work, see Plan, Profiles, Specifications and Special Provisions (Division H of Specifications).

4. This drain shall be constructed in accordance with the latest applicable Specifications for the Construction of Municipal Drainage Works”, consisting of the following Divisions:

DIVISION A - General Conditions
DIVISION B - Specification for Open Drains
DIVISION C - Specifications for Tile Drains
DIVISION E - Specification for Drainage Crossings by the Boring Method
DIVISION H - Special Provisions

5. The Contractor shall supply all labour, equipment and materials to complete the drainage works as shown on the Plan and described in the Specifications. The Contractor shall include in the Tender price all applicable Federal and Provincial Sales Taxes.

6. Tenders shall be made on a lump sum basis on the forms provided for the complete works. Acceptance of the Tender by the Township shall constitute a formal and binding Contract when signed by the Township officials.

7. Lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted