Notice of Public Meeting


TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Norwich will hold a public meeting on the 12th day of March, 2019, at 9 a.m., in the Council Chambers (285767 Airport Rd.) in order to consider a proposed Building Permit Fee By-law under Section 7 of the Building Code Act.

PURPOSE AND EFFECT -The Township of Norwich is proposing to amend the Building By-law following the termination of an agreement under Subsection 6.2 of the Building Code Act relative to enforcement of private sewage systems. To accommodate this transfer of authority, new permit fees must be set under by-law (Building By-law under Section 7(b) of the Building Code Act. The effect will be to create a fee structure and to introduce it to the existing Building By-law (52-2005).

Information will be provided at the meeting on the estimated costs of enforcing private sewage disposal systems under the Building Code in accordance with the Building Code Act, and the amount of the proposed fee(s) and the rationale for changing (and/or imposing) fees for permits and related services to administering and enforcement of those provisions.

In addition to the proposed fee changes to the by-law, other housekeeping amendments to the by-law are also be proposed to be made at that time.

ANY PERSON may attend the public meeting and/or make written or verbal representation either in support of or in opposition to the proposed fees.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION related to the proposed fees is available during regular office hours at the municipal offices.

Dated at the Township of Norwich this 8th day of February, 2019.

Kyle Kruger, CAO / Clerk
Township of Norwich
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Norwich, ON, N0J 1P0
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