NEW *** After Hours Answering Service

Township of Norwich Introduces “After Hours Answering Service”

In order to provide better access to services for residents, the Township of Norwich has recently introduced an After Hours Answering Service.

The service is provided to enable responses to municipal related urgent or emergency situations at times when Municipal Offices and facilities are not open.

Previously, if a resident wished to report an emergency issue or had an urgent need for municipal assistance, there would not be any convenient way to contact Township officials. With the new service, an after-hours phone number is manned 24 hours per day, where staff have call-handling protocols specific to the Township and will be able to contact the appropriate Township resources.

According to staff, the new service will provide much more convenience to residents and improve communications with local officials. “While we will ask that residents contact the office as usual for non-urgent issues, such as general information, permits, etc., this service will be much more convenient for residents to provide information and access assistance for items such as blocked roads, flooding, and other safety issues.”

The Township of Norwich After-Hours phone number is 519-533-0089. Anyone calling the Township Offices or Arena after hours will be provided the number in the outgoing message.