2018 Voters List


Municipal Election – October 22, 2018


The preliminary list of all persons entitled to vote in the 2018 Municipal Election is available for inspection upon request at the Municipal Office, 285767 Airport Road, Norwich. Electors may examine the list to ensure their name has been included and that all related information is correct either in person at the Township Office during regular office hours, by calling the Offices at 519-468-2410, or by email to one of the contacts below. Electors are encouraged to ensure that their name has been included and that all related information is correct – note that being on the recent Provincial Election voters list does not guarantee you are on the Municipal Voters List.

Electors may apply to have their name added to or removed from the Voters List or the information relating to themselves amended. Revisions to the Voters List may be made by filing an application at the Township Office, Clerks Department, during normal office hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until Election Day October 22, 2018.

Electors may also apply to revise the Voters List at the Voting Place either at the Advance Voting Days or on Voting Day, however you are encouraged to apply for revision prior to voting day to avoid delays in voting.

No person shall use information obtained from the Voters’ List, except for election purposes. The use or sale of these lists for commercial purposes is prohibited.


Thursday October 4, 2018                      Norwich Community Centre, Stover Street, Norwich
                                                                12:00 pm – 8:00pm (Palmer Street Entrance)

Saturday October 13, 2018                     Norwich Community Centre, Stover Street, Norwich
                                                                9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Palmer Street Entrance)


Again for 2018, all electors must show identification before receiving a ballot at the voting place. I.D. must include the voter identity and qualifying address. Many forms of identification will be accepted. For a full list, please visit our website at www.norwich.ca

For further election information, please contact:

Kimberley Armstrong                                                     Kyle Kruger                                                     Kristen Szoczek
Deputy Clerk/                                                                 CAO/Clerk                                                      CustomerServicClerk
Deputy Returning Officer                                               Returning Officer                                            Election Assistant
519-468-2410 ext 226                                                   519-468-2410 ext 227                                    519-468-2410 ext 232
karmstrong@norwich.ca                                                kkruger@norwich.ca                                      kszoczek@norwich.ca