Dufferin St. Drain Rehabilitation Project

Dufferin Street Drain Rehabilitation Project

The Township of Norwich is currently completing work on an infrastructure project entitled the “Dufferin Street Drain Rehabilitation Project” which is seeing the rehabilitation of a 2-block section of stormwater drainage that services approximately 85 households in the south-west portion of the Village of Norwich. This work is being jointly funded by the Federal Government, Province of Ontario, and the Township of Norwich with the Federal and Provincial Governments share totalling $75,000 of the $110,000 total project costs.

In conjunction with this project, two developers in the process of completing new subdivisions in this area are contributing funds to augment this project and increase the capacity of the drain to allow for the new housing without affecting the exiting residents in the area. The costs related to the work to increase the capacity of this drain is being fully-funded by these developers.